My name is Les Tarr and I welcome you to my website. There’s a lot of Radio-activity on my show:

* Interviews with Blues Artists

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Don’t let the “Tragically Hip and Twisted” slogan mislead you. No matter where you’re from, if you’re rich or poor, beautiful or butt-ugly, you’re a victim of the Blues. We’ve all been Tragically Hip at one time or another, thinking we are cooler than cool — only to have the situation backfire in our faces, knocking us on our asses and showing us the real truth about ourselves. It’s all about feelin’ and diggin’ the Blues and being the beautiful person that you are on EIGHT TO THE BAR with Tarr!

The “Twisted” part is maintaining a humorous outlook when the Blues hits in our lives. Stuff happens! Do what you can and enjoy the ride. And when the Blues really hit hard — you know what I’m talking about — join me in twisting the Blues on EIGHT TO THE BAR with Tarr! And if I’m not radioactive, download one of my recent programs on this website and go for the groove!